Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

I feel like any good work I’ve ever done is just a fluke. That most of what I do is terrible and that people are going to realize it, if they haven’t already.

Do you ever feel the way?

We’re not frauds though.

We’re creative people and sometimes that means you get into a dry spell, or a spell of self doubt. When you work by yourself, it’s doubly difficult to pull yourself out sometimes.

10 hours from now, I will be sitting at the Denver International Airport to pick up my wife and son from their visit to the west coast.

It’s 5 AM as I attempt to type this. My cat, the fiend known as Buckaroo Banzai or
“the dark one” for the color of his coat as well as his heart, has taken up my lap and arm and is purring furiously.

I’m never sure how personal to get on this blog.

I’ve not posted for the past few weeks because I’ve been on a non-stop ride of people, places, and things. I co-hosted a birthday party for a one-year old which I agonized over more than I care to admit, only to finally experience an alien event in which my small child wondered why everyone was singing to him and watching him eat a piece of cake. I don’t blame him, it was weird for me too. There is a part of me that hopes he doesn’t posses my outsider’s nature and that he can conform and not be bothered by the strange rituals and unfairness of our world.

October was a bit rough on my family and I. Schedules for both work and play wrought mighty havoc upon our house almost as soon as we returned from Philadelphia. Also illness…so much illness. This isn’t to say that we didn’t enjoy the holiday. I was particularly proud of my In the Mouth of Madness costume, as well as our Universal Monster pumpkin carvings. I also got to watch TCM monster movies while waiting for trick or treaters. I just need a mustache and a King Cobra windbreaker, and the transformation into my dad will be complete.

The United Monster Talent Agency (2010) Dir. Gregory Nicotero

This short is just a lot of fun, imagining that the monsters that we see on screen have their own handlers and agency. It features cameos from Frank Darabont, Eli Roth, Dana Gould, Jeffery Combs, and Bob Burns and it is created by makeup artist Greg Nicotero who has since gone on to direct several episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you like old monster movies, The United Monster Talent Agency is for you.

The Green Ruby Pumpkin (2013) Miguel Ortega

The Green Ruby Pumpkin is not a horror film. Instead it a fable told in verse that gets the feel of Halloween. The reason why I really like this one, aside from it’s gorgeous visuals, is the fact that it reminds me of Pushing Daisies with its narrator and verse. I also really enjoy the animations at the end of the short showing the Green Ruby Pumpkin’s history.

The Sleepover (2012) Dir. Chris Cullari

The Sleepover has the feel of a fun 1980s horror film, full of wonderful nods to horror movies gone by and filled with great ideas and character. The charm of this film comes from the interesting concept, which the filmmakers offer up bit by bit ending in a wonderful comedic pop of a climax. I would be very interested in seeing more stories set in this world.

When two young boys have a sleepover, one of them is unfamiliar with the town’s gruesome history and the preparations needed to survive what lurks in the shadows.