2Pac, Dr. Dre-California Love/Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

The 48 Hour Film Project Denver begins again the 31st of July, so I thought I'd take a look back at our first entry into the 48HFP.

Top 5 High School Movies That You've Probably Never Never Seen...But Should

There isn't one among us who doesn't have at least a little high school angst still washing around inside them-shit, why do you think John Hughes created The Breakfast Club.

The Karate Kid (The real one!)first came out in 1984, I would have been two years old. I later discovered the film on television and VHS and instantly fell in love with it. It is the Rocky for adolescents. While I never was chased out of a school dance by a bunch of assholes dressed as skeletons, and never got to make out with Elizabeth Shue, I still had a personal connection to the movie. Having life boiled down to something as simple as balance and waxing on/off still serves me well to this day.

This marks the third and last part of the original Troublemaker Shorts trilogy. For information on our Troublemaker Shorts click here.

Strangely Accurate Movie Synopses

Let's see Austen & the Brontës do this!

Cinematic Music Videos

Music Videos. Promotional tools for record companies. A venue for musicians to express themselves visually. An opportunity for up and coming filmmakers. And, let us not deny it, damn good fun.

The One That Got Away.

I think everybody has one. Whether it be a relationship, a job, or in this case, a project. We’ve all had that mountain that we just couldn’t quite climb. Mine was a short film that I wrote way back in 2005. The boys and I made it through principal photography, editing, and almost a quarter of sound mixing and visual effects before scheduling conflicts and motivational exhaustion forced us to throw in the towel.