This is my first attempt at animation since I was ten years old.

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil was Amazing!

Our last film of the festival was the one we were most looking forward to the entire festival. Below is a short synopsis: “The hillbillies from the store captured Alison!”

This was maybe our most draining day at the festival.

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"Douchebag" was small, funny, touching and amazing. Below is the plot synopis:

"The week Sam Nussbaum is to be married, his fiancée questions why his only brother, Tom, isn’t coming to the wedding. Unsatisfied with his lame reply, she surprises Sam by bringing the brothers together. Sam is not happy, but he rarely is—unless he’s telling someone what to do. When it’s revealed that Tom has only been in love once—with his fifth-grade girlfriend—Sam insists they go find her. It soon becomes evident that their journey is simply an excuse for Sam to avoid his impending commitment."

This was an amazing treat for us.

To sit and listen to an Academy Award Winner give a presentation about the nature of cinema, it's beginnings and where it might be headed was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. And one of the was free. I could try and explain what Mr. Murch talked about in greater detail, but it's too big a topic for me to lay out here. Luckily, I discovered that someone had taped the event and posted it on youtube. Below is part one of the lecture we attended at the Filmmaker Lodge.

This is our introductory Sundance Video Diary.

This was shot moments after our arrival in Park City, Utah for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. We go into greater detail in our later video blogs, so be sure to keep checking them out. Video Blogs 1-3 are posted today, the rest of them will be posted tomorrow. Once again, special thanks to Wendy and Steve for allowing us to tag along.

It went by so fast... We spent the morning of our third day at The Sundance Film Festival primarily relaxing. We were car lagged from the trip and really had no chance to catch our breath. The rest was needed since we had two screenings to go to, which may not sound like a great deal, but this being our first time at the festival (as well as our first time navigating Park City's Transit system) seemed like enough to keep us busy. Our first film was actually a collection of films, The Shorts Program 3.

All three of us have been looking forward to this day for over two months. We had talked about going to Sundance several times, but it seemed to get filed under the "Someday" category.

The "Someday" category is reserved for this kind of aspiration along with "I'll find a better job", "I'll go back to school" or the always popular "I'll stop fetishizing Princess Leia in that gold bikini". Well, CBP (as a whole) can finally cross Sundance off our "Someday" list. We leave tomorrow morning. We will be seeing three film selections:

Howdy, This is a relatively recent film and the Supper Club's first documentary. We chose it because of our upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival as well as our admiration for writer Hunter S. Thompson. We thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Thompson's writing or fringe writers of the 50s-70s. In honor of this film we made 50 cent Street Tacos as described in Thompson's novel The Rum Diary.