All three of us have been looking forward to this day for over two months. We had talked about going to Sundance several times, but it seemed to get filed under the "Someday" category.

The "Someday" category is reserved for this kind of aspiration along with "I'll find a better job", "I'll go back to school" or the always popular "I'll stop fetishizing Princess Leia in that gold bikini". Well, CBP (as a whole) can finally cross Sundance off our "Someday" list. We leave tomorrow morning. We will be seeing three film selections:

Howdy, This is a relatively recent film and the Supper Club's first documentary. We chose it because of our upcoming trip to the Sundance Film Festival as well as our admiration for writer Hunter S. Thompson. We thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Thompson's writing or fringe writers of the 50s-70s. In honor of this film we made 50 cent Street Tacos as described in Thompson's novel The Rum Diary.

In my mind, Jeff Anders exists in the same universe as Gov't. Tit.

The meaning of Christmas... That is the theme of so many Christmas specials and ours is no exception.

This is a semi-teaser for our Next Gov't. Tit adventure to be posted before Christmas. You may have heard a snippet of this in our 48 Hour Film "No Place I'd Rather Be". Enjoy.


I was turned onto this video about a year ago. I found it extremely creative and apt for this time of year. While I think the trailer is hilariously brilliant, I can't imagine a whole movie like this. Anyway, check it out:

Gobstopper Trailer from Gobstopper Movie