While time has been at a premium of late and will become more precious when I finally go back to my day job, projects are still being developed much to my delight.

Projects I have created, worked on or contributed to.


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Halloween has gone through several iterations for me since I donned my first costume and stepped into the chilly Colorado night to grift candy from neighbors. However, there comes a time when it’s no longer socially acceptable to trick or treat, and you have to find other things to do to ring in the holiday.

Event Horizon (1997) Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson

Event Horizon in my opinion, is the best science fiction horror film since the original Alien. Set in 2047 it follows the crew of the Lewis and Clark as they attempt a salvage and rescue on a ship called the Event Horizon which disappeared seven years earlier.

The Terminator (1984) Dir. James Cameron

Let’s start with a good-looking, spunky female protagonist. Now add a brooding, handsome loner with an amazing secret. And finally, top it off with a towering, unstoppable killer who seemingly can’t be destroyed by mortal men. Looks like we got ourselves a good old-fashioned “slasher” movie, right? Wrong. We got ourselves a Terminator.

House II: The Second Story (1987) Dir. Steve Miner

I am not what most people would consider a fan of horror films. My exposure to "classics" of the genre has been minimal at best. I've only seen one Nightmare on Elm Street film (Dream Warriors), never watched any of the Friday the 13th series and closest I got to seeing Mike Myers horror was renting So I Married an Ax Murderer.

Netflix, the lazy man’s Blockbuster, has changed the way we watch television. Never before has the human race had access to content of such varying quality. Whether you choose to spend your evenings in the company of recent action movies, documentaries on Victorian serial killers, or immersing yourself in the dizzying number of Children of the Corn movies, Netflix is there to caress your entertainment glands.

“From the innocence of five, an evil army shall rise. When blossems shower down like rain, my dark kingdom will come again. There is one who can stop me if he would dare with the heart of a child and a mother’s care.“
— Old Lady Hackmore

It’s still October people and therefore it’s a downright shame if I don’t post a "Monster Media Monday" in this month, so here we go.