28 Days Later (2002) Dir. Danny Boyle

To borrow a phrase from the hipster community, I've been watching zombie movies since before they were cool. Before you correct me, I know this isn't a true “zombie” movie. George A. Romero gets the credit in my book for the modern zombie movie and therefore I follow his rules when discussing the undead: slow-moving, mindless creatures driven by the primal need to feed. I GOT IT, nerds.

Intermission - Halloween Horror Trailers 2013

The Loved Ones 2009 Dir. Sean Byrne

I should mention that even as a fan of horror, I’m not usually attracted to the torture/gore sub genre. I prefer the psychological or supernatural to watching a group of innocents being mentally and physically pulled apart. However, there are films in this line with such purpose and style, that it becomes difficult to deny their brilliance. Such films include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Devil’s Rejects and The Loved Ones.

The Wicker Man 1973 Dir. Robin Hardy

The Wicker Man is one of those horror films that everyone is aware of, mostly for its iconography and ending. However, this film is never what people expect, showcasing elements of erotic thriller, mystery and musical, telling an engaging tale of religious belief gone awry.