This year has been a blur! Not since my son was born have I had a year so full of activity.

I agreed to direct a stage version of Frankenstein to coincide with the novel’s 200th anniversary, went into rehearsals just as my wife and I were given a notice to vacate the house we had been renting for five years. Amid moving into my sister and brother-in-law’s house for two months while we looked for a new place to live, I continued to rehearse the production, had my wife’s family reunion in Santa Cruz.

Congratulations! You have stumbled upon the repository for issues of my e-zine, THE PNEUMATIC TUBE!

I created The Pneumatic Tube as a respite from modern social media and instead of having people catch my shenanigans on Facebook or other social media sites, they could subscribe to have my humor and recommendations mainlined directly into their inbox. However, until now there wasn't a place that new subscribers could read old issues. Now there is!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted here, mostly because I’ve had a lot of balls in the air and as well as a lot of unexpected life changes.

A few things about parenting…

As I write this, it is the eve of my 36th birthday.

The past year has been primarily devoted to writing and submitting. With the end of Season 3 of Victorian Cut-out Theatre, I wanted a bit of a break from video production and soon saw myself writing for live performance. This was a very positive experience. I wasn’t able to reach a wide audience, but I did get a live one which meant that I could get an instant reaction and know immediately whether or not something was working. It was also important for me to work on something completely different from the very specific style of VCoT.

I’m a little run down as I write this, partially because my wife and I have been potty-training our son for the past six days, and partially because I have not stopped writing and submitting since the middle of last year.
The last part first:

As I write this, Christmas has come and gone and as is the human custom during the last days of the year, I am looking back at the good and bad of 2017. This isn't a new activity for me, I have managed to do some version of this since I was 12, scrawling out goals for the future. I find that if I write something down, my mind often files it away, sometimes working on it without me even realizing it. Often these goals take years to complete, but I have looked back on previous lists only to realize, to my surprise, that I have accomplished things I once thought impossible.


More submissions. More Rejections. More waiting to hear back from festivals. Rehearsals, film festivals, and performances.

It’s been a banner week for rejections.

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I was not accepted into the cable writer’s program to which I applied. The good news is that I won’t be writing for free three states away during my son’s birthday next month. I was legitimately conflicted about the possibility of being accepted to this program, and though I’m mildly disappointed, I am ready to move on. I will definitely be trying again next year. Submitting to this was a good exercise. I learned a great deal and I now know I can do better down the road.