I have new neighbors, which is kind of a bummer, because I really liked the old ones, and I also really liked not having neighbors after the old ones left. I plan on introducing my wife and myself to them soon, if for no other reason than to establish mutual humanity early on. People find it more difficult to treat others like crap once you know each others names. That was something our previous neighbors did the day we moved in, and it set the foundation for a positive relationship from the get go. Buzz and his family had moved to Colorado from Florida.

The second guest blog for Cardiff Book History is up, and in it I explain the inspiration behind “A Touch of Murder”.

The fluctuations of impending parenthood are great and many, but I believe the final fluctuation is upon me. I began this journey in utter terror that everything I loved about my current existence would be traded for a pink human larvae. I was informed by more than one person, that this would not be the case, and now that we are a month away from this journey’s end, I find that I want to stop hearing about the experiences of others, and gaze upon this new existence for myself.

I wrote a short horror script two days ago. It was for a neat side project with NR. I began writing at 5:00 AM and in 2 hours, I was finished with the first draft. It turned out really well. So much so, I thought, that if NR didn’t want to use it, I would just use a version of it for something else. It turns out it is being used, and while I don’t dare say anything about it right now, the horror fan/monster kid in me is squealing for joy on the inside.

For the four of my family members that really enjoy the video blogs, I’m sorry for their disappearance. In the meantime, I suggest you check out some of my other work. I should point out, that there has been no lack of output on my end, even as the spectre of fatherhood looms. My medium changes, but the same amount of work gets created. Someday this may actually be my full time job. It will be glorious when I’ll no longer have to split my time, but for now, concessions must be made.

Let me start by saying, that if you ever get the chance to receive a pep talk from Stephanie Yuhas, I highly recommend it. I am one of those people that constantly thinks they’re in trouble, this feeling is magnified whenever things are going right. I still think about that time in Kindergarden, when Leo Muhme and I ran down the hall to get milk for our class, instead of walking like we were told to. When we returned, Ms. Kenard asked us if we had ran.

The season 2 finale of VCoT is rendered and complete and handed over to the proper authorities (Cinevore). This episode ended up being more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be, and it all boiled down to planning and integration of formats. As I explained to Chris Potako, I’ve not been formally trained in animation or making videos. Before I was doing this, I was writing and performing in plays. In order for me to make things I just banged to rocks together until the program did what I wanted it to do.

My wife’s birthday was this weekend and one of her favorite Disney films is Tarzan. When I presented her with a DVD of the film, it donned on me that I had never seen it. “Can we watch it tonight?” She asked. “Of course. I was counting on it.” I answered. Then her face lowered and she spoke in a less excited, tone. “It’s not the best Disney movie ever.” “Okay.” I said. “I mean, it’s not even really in my top five.” She continued. “There’s just something about it that I really like.” Immediately I understood what she was talking about.

My Facebook has turned into a wilderness of horrors, so much so that I’m thinking about giving it up entirely. The only real reason that I stick with it is to stay in contact with Nerd Reactor folks and to keep people updated about Rob Walker Films. My Cinevore colleagues are contacted primarily through email. However, since Facebook is hewing to the “information-is-power” business model, I’m not really sure many people are engaging with RWF or Victorian Cut-out Theatre through Facebook anyway.