2014 Updates

2014 is off to a good start. I'll have some neat things to announce soon, but have to wait for everything to clear. In other news…

I'm holding off on developing the video for PROJECT: SELFIE so that a few stragglers can submit. I had someone approach me at my brother-in-law's art show this past Friday and tell me that she and all of her fiends want to participate, so hopefully I'll receive pictures soon.

The most recent video blog, discusses my lack of Sherlock Series 3. Most of it is just show, I don't normally exude such harsh fan entitlement. However, I would be lying if I said I didn't scour the internet for a legal way to view the most recent episode. No dice. Oh well, I can wait a week…or can I?

The latest episode of Victorian Cut-out Theatre will air this Tuesday on Cinevore. It's all about a man who is…left to his own devices, let's just say that. I learn a little bit more with each episode I do and this episode taught me a lot about joke distillation and timing…I think. Anyway, I'm really proud of this one, I think it's funny and short and sweet, which is how the episodes should be.

Also, I'm hoping to make some changes to the site soon. I'd like for the videos to appear bigger than they currently are and be centered appropriately. After that, i'll do some overhaul on the video section making everything easier to find. Keep checking in.

I should also mention that the Cigarette Burn Pictures YouTube page will be shut down this week. We had a great run and I love monty and Steve, and I'd love to work with both of them again, but rather than have a ghost ship filled with old videos, casting about the internet, I decided to move the videos to the Rob Walker Films YouTube page and list them under "CBP Classics". Hopefully by Friday you can see a playlist of the old CBP shorts and Video Diaries. People will be able to comment on them and be sure to receive an answer.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I've just spent the whole weekend either attending events, or shackled to my computer generating videos and articles for Nerd Reactor. I'm almost looking forward to the reprieve of my day job. I should also probably get to the gym, as I haven't run in weeks. Argh!

Take care,