31 Horror Films (2014) GUEST BLOG Event Horizon (1997) Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson

Event Horizon (1997) Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson

Event Horizon in my opinion, is the best science fiction horror film since the original Alien. Set in 2047 it follows the crew of the Lewis and Clark as they attempt a salvage and rescue on a ship called the Event Horizon which disappeared seven years earlier.

The Event Horizon was an experimental ship attempting to achieve faster than light travel by creating a singularity and passing through it to any other point in space. Needless to say the salvage does not go well and the crew of the Lewis and Clark find themselves trapped on the Event Horizon with twenty hours of air while they try to repair their ship. What the crew is unaware of is that when the Event Horizon passed through the dimensional rift on its maiden voyage it passed through a hell dimension. As the crew try to figure out what happened aboard the Event Horizon they must contend with the effects of what happened to the ship when it traveled through this dimension.

The cast is outstanding, the cinematography is superb, the characters are well developed and even though the CGI is out of date the practical effects are wonderful. It also boasts a rarity in the world of horror, a smart character. If you are like me you tend to grow tired of the stupid characters in horror movies that seem to always split up, walk towards the creepy noises, never double tap the villain and seem to merrily skip to their deaths. Even though there are crewmembers which serve as cannon fodder they are still far more developed than most horror films and they are lead by quite possibly the most intelligent character in horror history. Capt. Miller is a no nonsense, do what needs to be done when it needs to be done character. He makes all of the right moves and will do anything to save his crew. Unfortunately, he is outmatched by the force on the ship and those who fall victim to its influence. His struggle and the struggle of the crew is compelling and thrilling to watch.

The horror in this movie is truly that, horrific and is not for the feint of heart. It is violent depraved and consists of the kind of imagery that your darkest nightmares are made of. Though it was not a very popular film at the time, it has gained quite the cult following. So much so that other films and media have been inspired by some of its designs and concepts. Including the films Sunshine and Pandorum and the video game franchise Dead Space. It is a truly original piece of work and a must see for horror fans.

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