Ani-Logue 14: "Petting Schrodinger's Cat"

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty brilliant, but as all of the festivities were commencing, I found that, my thoughts were of parallel worlds and shogun showdowns. I'm glad I finally got it out of my system.

This video, as so many of them are, is based on real events. I did, in fact, get my car stolen. I did, in fact, have an odd meeting at a liquor store. And I have also been receiving copies of Flex, Men's Health (Fitness) and Maxim (despite my protests). There are several quick jokes and nods in this episode, making it a prime candidate for repeat viewings. I am, in particularly proud, of the ending. I would watch that show: a pseudo-samurai epic, about a man trying to get his life back from his evil double. It would include much blood-shed. Anyway, hope you like this one, if you want to be super facebook friends, or twitter buddies click the links above and join the club.

Also, I will be appearing on a wonderful podcast created by my two dear friends Kyle Anderson and Lincoln Hayes. If you're not listening, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Check it out HERE

-Rob Out.