Boneyard (Animation) Dir. Steve Giuliano

This is my second animated short (the first was a 20 sec promo for the website that should be available online).

Having experimented with traditional hand drawn animation, I wanted to see if I could create something with the cut-out style utilized by Terry Gilliam and the creators of South Park. While less time consuming in the sense that I didn't have to redraw the same thing 50 times, this process had its own share of complications. The biggest trouble spot, one that you will be able to pick out I'm sure, was the lack of a locked down camera. While I did use a tripod, I acheieved the animation by literally pushing the record button on and off. Just simply touching the camera could jar it between frames. For later animation tests, I've used the remote control to wonderful results. The storyline and narrative is based, as said before, on Terry Gilliam's animations for Monty Python. Short, simple, and often ending with a violent punchline. Also, the graveyard setting reminds me of some of the earliest Disney cartoons that took place in cemetaries, haunted houses, and the like (The Skeleton Dance comes to mind). I'm sure that, like Waking Up In Film, the childhood memories of watching Wonderful World of Disney had a strong influence this film. So, here is Boneyard. I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to do another cartoon sometime soon.