Bookworm Ep. 1 "Watership Down"

Full disclosure, I've never read "Watership Down". However, my sister has and it was her description of the experience that created this video. I should also probably mention that there will be no Bookworm Episode 2 because...well, this is a joke. For the joke to play it had to be in a style that people might recognize, such as YouTube video review. I was also hip to the fact that not everyone would get the joke, because not everyone has read "Watership Down". It's true that not everyone gets the joke, what is also true is that I don't care.

I'm coming to realize that my brand of humor comes in several different flavors, but one of my absolute favorite tastes of comedy is that of futile and profound sadness. The act of being comically ruined to such a degree that you can no longer continue. That is the flavor that this video represents. My tastes are shared by only a few others, and when I have found these people, we mentally link for life. My sister is one of these comedic "pre-cogs". We have been told that when we are together, we speak in a language that only we understand, chittering and laughing to the confusion of those around us. Trust me, she thinks that this is just as funny as I do and if I could unleash her full comedic genius on all of you, it might be like the end of "Perfume". If you ever get the chance to invite her to a dinner party, please do so. She's hysterical.