Captain America: The First Basterd

Rather than do a Cinematic Music Videos article (We're really getting down to the dregs, now) I wanted to present a little oddity...

This was a silly little mash-up I put together over the weekend. It's not perfect, but I've had something like this in my head since Captain America was first announced. More than anything, I just wanted to experiment and see if the footage and sound of these two trailers would work together at all. I think they sync up better than expected.

I always saw Aldo Raine as a Nick Fury type, and the inclusion of The Howling Commandos in the Cap movie adds a team angle to the film. Also, these Basterds comic covers were floating around the internet. Gaze upon their glory! Gaze! When compared to the original Howling Commandos comics, it looks like the artist who did these nailed Jack Kirby's style perfectly.

It looks like Marvel has taken over theaters this summer and we all should be excited, but for some reason I can't really muster the excitement for Thor. I'm excited that Kenneth Brannaugh is directing, but that's not why other people are excited. I more or less expect Thor to make it's money, but it's not going to get a sequel. We may have another Ang Lee situation on our hands. In which an artist delivers a well thought out piece, but it's not what fans were expecting.

Captain America will be fine though. I'm really happy they're setting it in WWII as that is when Cap was most relevant. Joe Johnston is no auteur, but he handles period pieces exceedingly well, and c'mon he did The Rocketeer!

XMen: First Class is the one that has me most excited. Setting it in the 60s is a brilliant idea, the cast looks fantastic and director Mathew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake) is an accomplished filmmaker. I just was to see a good story that's well told.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the mash-up, link back if your so inclined and don't forget to subscribe.


-Rob Out.