Changing Gears...

So if you haven't guessed by now, I'm switching gears for a bit to focus a little more on upcoming projects, commercial endeavors and speaking engagements. First and foremost...

If you're in the Greeley, Colorado area the 22nd and 23rd of this month (February) I'll be screening four of my animated shorts and speaking before The University of Northern Colorado International Film Series. They'll be screening the Academy Award nominated shorts those two days at 7:00 PM in Lindou Auditorium. This promises to be a lot of fun and as I've mentioned before, shorts collections are the best way to get bang for your buck. So please come and see me and we can chat after the screenings. Learn about IFS HERE.

Secondly, more commercial work! I'll be filming a performance of the UNC performance of Ragtime. I'm also collaborating with a friend on some youtube work for his comic book store. Wish me luck!

Also, casting for the two live action shorts I'll be shooting in April begins this month. I have high hopes for auditions and will keep you updated with pictures and videos.

Lastly, you should buy shirts to help me fund my filmmaking habit! Two designs have bit the dust, but the store gets more designs every month so check it out. If you buy a shirt, please send me a pic of you sporting your sexy new threads!

Thanks for your continued support!

-Rob Out.