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Put yourself in My Place/Barbarella

Not to play too much into nerd stereotypes here, but mixing sexuality and science fiction is bangarang! (That's right, I just used an exclamation from the movie Hook to describe a sci-fi sexual fantasy)

Moving on...

The original film, Barbarella can hardly be called a "good" movie, but it has become a cult classic because of it's mixture of semi-subtle sexual situations and camp sci-fi aesthetic. The film apparently bombed upon release and one can understand why. The film has a plot that is paper thin and seems only to serve Fonda looking sexy and getting into ridiculous/comical scenarios. While watching this film, you never know what crazy shit you're going to witness next. From a striptease in space, to a machine that tortures it's victims through sexual pleasure (yep). This film kept me constantly entranced with it's seemingly endless parade of bizarre ideas. Although it features a young (and super hot) Jane Fonda in the title role, it really is nothing more than a string of set pieces strung together. That said, everyone should check it out at least once, grab some 'stones and some Mad Dog and invite some of your friends over to watch it in all it's epic-camp glory.

About the song...

Kylie Minogue, as a musical artist, is often associated with 90's dance music, but it was her song Can't Get You Out of My Head that practically took over American radio stations in 2001 and this is the song most often associated with the performer. Put Yourself in My Place was recorded in 1995 and the video for it won an award for best Australian music video that same year. It has a slow dance vibe in the same ball park as The Sneaker Pimps' hit single 6 Underground (1996).

Now on to the video...

As mentioned previously, the most famous scene from Barbarella (aside from the sex/torture machine) is the opening credit sequence of the movie in which Fonda disrobes in zero gravity. Although you don't see anything, the scene does it's job. Having been released just six months after 2001 a Space Odyssey, the idea of the future of space travel was still fresh in the public consciousness. After seeing Fonda's striptease at the beginning of this film, I imagine several future astronauts ceased to think about the scientific implications of space travel and started thinking about what copulation in zero gravity would be like...just a theory. With its combination of sex and sci-fi, it was only a matter of time before this iconic scene was appropriated as an homage. And between you and me, you could do worse than Kylie Minogue.

-Rob Out.