Cinematic Music Videos: Sweep the Leg/The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid (The real one!)first came out in 1984, I would have been two years old. I later discovered the film on television and VHS and instantly fell in love with it. It is the Rocky for adolescents. While I never was chased out of a school dance by a bunch of assholes dressed as skeletons, and never got to make out with Elizabeth Shue, I still had a personal connection to the movie. Having life boiled down to something as simple as balance and waxing on/off still serves me well to this day. It is because of this connection and relatability The Karate Kid has now become a cult classic. Phrases like "sweep the leg" now have a permanent place in the pop-culture lexicon. It is for this reason that No More Kingsfront man, Pete Mitchell, must have chosen to write the song Sweep the Leg

This video gives us an idea of what happened to Johnny Lawrence (The leader of the Cobra Kais) in a sort of a metafiction sense. We find Johnny exactly where we had hoped he would end up- in a filthy trailer with his aging asshole friends reliving his glory days. It's hilarious and sad. However, after a while, you begin to root for the asshole who beat the shit out of Daniel Larusso all those years ago. William Zabka, the actor who played Johnny, directed the video and manages to give us a short film that is a perfect cinematic comment on the original classic. This music video includes almost all of the male cast members from the film (Minus Pat Morita) SIDE BAR: When the actor (Rob Garrison) who played Tommy in the original film says "Get him in a body bag! Yeah!" I honestly got chills. It was good to see him there. Also the Cobra Kai's sensei, Kreese (Martin Kove) returns in sort of a Raising Arizona homage.

The song itself is brilliant (Found on their 2007 self titled album), describing the aging Johnny, pinpointing his life's ruin to that fateful match with Daniel-san. It's a catchy tune you'll find yourself singing at work (It was after this song I became a No More Kings fan). ...oh, and the video has Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell!! You don't need a Delorean, Tardis or even a Hot Tub to travel back in time-this video should be all you require.

-Rob Out.