Cinematic Music Videos Into Your Eyes/They Live

Since we took a look at an homage to John Carpenter's The Thing last week, I thought we'd continue with the Carpenter theme by looking at the video for Armand Van Helden's song Into Your Eyes, which homages Carpenter's They Live.

They Live (1988) is a sci-fi/action/comedy that follows our out of work hero George Nada, played surprisingly well by WWF wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. We learn that because of the recession, there's no work and almost everyone has fallen on hard times except for the social elite (sound familiar?) After discovering a special pair of sunglasses that reveal the truth, Nada realizes that most of America's rich are actually aliens that control the poorer classes through subliminal messages in media.

The movie itself has some hokey moments, but the concept is well played and the acting is fun to watch. This is a socially relevant film from the "Greed is good" era of American history and brings up several key points concerning our consumerists society. Sci-fi and horror, have long been used to get a message across without sounding preachy and this film, it could be said follows in that grand tradition...only with more violence and significantly more hairspray. I would argue that this film is just as relevant and necessary today as it was in 1988.

The music video for Into Your Eyes takes the idea of special glasses being able to see hidden truths and spins it for the dance crowd. Instead of skull-faced aliens, "social elite" he sees through the glasses, are not aliens, but instead, hot women in bikinis. This is a hilarious way to homage a cult classic and I applaud the filmmakers who put it together. The main character even looks enough like Piper to make you do a double take and performs as though he's seeing something disturbing which definitely adds to the humor.

However, the droning music of Into Your Eyes is what makes this video hard to watch for me. I'm not familiar with Van Helden's work and I don't know if this song is supposed to be "good" in the realm of dance music. I've never been one to rock the glow sticks and pacifiers, but far be it from me to take that from anyone else. Much as repetitive dance music isn't for everyone, They Live may not be for everyone. it is a politically relevant "Guy" film. that includes one liners, and a five minute brawl scene. I recommend the film with a caution to those who aren't into 1980s B-Movie testosterone.

-Rob Out.

P.S. There is at least on other video homaging this film, I may post that one later in the week. ALSO, I'm posting video from my trip to the Phildelphia Filmathon tomorrow, so be sure to check back.