Collage of sickness and travel

Things have been a bit on the crazy side lately, which is why it feels like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth a bit.

A month ago, my son contracted a sickness called “hand, foot and mouth disease” which is an illness that gives you a sore throat, fever and itchy hives on your hands, feet and the inside of your mouth. The worst of these symptoms lasts about a week. Unfortunately, just as my son started feeling better, I caught a fever and it wasn’t long before I started to hallucinate. When the fever finally broke, I had the itchy hives as well. We were told by our family doctor the hand, foot and mouth disease is easier on children than it is on adults. I can buy that prognosis. It had been a long time since I had been that debilitatingly ill.

About a week after the plague laid waste to our home, we were on the road traveling to Washington for a friend’s wedding. From Colorado, the trip is about two long days on the road. Overall the trip went better than expected and we were able to visit friends, get tours of Gig Harbor, eat sea food, ride a ferry and a monorail, as well as bump into some college friends unexpectedly at Pike Place Market. It was a quick visit but a good one. On the drive home, in between dead spots of cell phone reception, I was frantically emailing a sponsor about the forthcoming Halloween radio show I’ve been writing. Publicity is going to come out soon and they needed all of our information ASAP.

On a more work related note, Victorian Cut-out Theatre has received some notice lately…
The show was featured on a site called Strange Kids Club. SKC is a site I’ve long admired, so it was an absolute honor for them to give VCoT a spot in their Monday Morning Videomania. If you get a chance, head of there to check out what they’ve got going. They’re really the torch bearer for things like Liquid Television, Cracked Monster Party and other ”alternative” popular culture.

Victorian Cut-out Theatre was also mentioned on Twitter by an Indian journalist to supplement his tweet. I’ll link to the tweet HERE. At first, I thought the inclusion of VCoT was a mistake maybe, but in a kind exchange, Mr. Praveen Swami paid me a compliment which left me wondering who else is watching my show. I’m still not sure, although I know it is being watched and am constantly told by those who see it that “More people should be watching this!” which is always nice to hear.

We are also two episodes into season 3 and it looks like the show will air the 15th of every month, so be sure to tell your friends and mark your calendars.

Other than this, I’ve been trying to catch up on the rest I missed out on while sick and traveling, while also trying to finalize the script for the live Halloween radio show we’ll be doing in October called “The House of Shadows”. I’ve also had the opportunity to assist Cinevore with some project development stuff they have going on. So far I’ve been keeping up with my work, even if this blog has felt a little light.

There will certainly be more to come both locally and on the internet. Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

Take care,