Computer problems and desolate stores

This week has been a bit of a trial and I really only see it getting worse. My day job is at DEFCON 1, which means that everyone is working at full speed, while also doing everyone else's jobs. It also doesn't help that my computer's wifi connection has been spotty, making uploading videos a frustrating chore, as well as gathering victorian illustrations for next month's episode. Maybe a direct connection will do the trick.

As long time readers of this blog (and its predecessor)* will know, my battle with technology is an ongoing one. As much as I try to not get crushed 'neath the metallic boot heal of our inevitable future, I have difficulty understanding and fixing things I use on a daily basis. In fact, my life is so closely tied to technology in writing, video production, day job and entertainment, I have a difficult time seeing a life without it. I imagine it resembles something akin to my life in 1995, only in this iteration, Nirvana is replaced by Imagine Dragons and I'm the one paying the bills. Of course I won't have to haul buckets of coal into my house to keep it warm**…yet. Winter is coming after all.

If the problem persists, tomorrow I will be investing in a large and cumbersome cable with which to make my synthesis of art and technology run a bit smoother. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Send me an email or a Facebook message with the description RE: ROB IS A LUDDITE

If I'm not mistaken, today you should be treated to another video blog or "VLOG" as the young people call it these days. I'm kind of getting into this...late to the cultural party as usual***, but I'm doing my best. I've been told by some folks that know me, that they enjoy them because it's like getting a slice of me every week, which is why they enjoy watching other bloggers. This is fascinating to me because with every piece of video work I've ever done, I've done so in the vain attempt to connect with others and be understood, whether that be through crude Victorian animations or black and white horror films. If me simply talking to the camera becomes more successful that putting forty hours of work into each previous video, I will laugh out loud. All of this time I've been trying to connect, who knew that all I had to do was talk into a camera. But in a world where videos about purse contents or video games are the most popular, I suppose anything is possible. Truly, we've gone through the looking glass on this one.

Last night the Denver Broncos played the Kansas City Chiefs. I know this, not because I'm a football fan, as I am not, but because my friend Bryce told me that 6:00 PM would be the ideal time to go shopping on a Sunday. Bryce knows that I am not a sports fan, but he also knows that I like to know odd things like this, we do have kind of a Professor Moriarty/Colonel Moran relationship regarding this matter. Due to his suggestion, I found myself doing some Christmas shopping for my father at the recently opened Cabela's store in Thornton. By the way, the Venn diagram of people that watch football and shop at Cabela's is a circle. The store opened just last month, and by all accounts should have still been teeming with people, but it wasn't. It was like "I Am Legend" outside, only I could still engage in commerce. As a non sports fan, I don't say this enough, but Go Broncos!

Have a good week and take care,


*Are there any "longtime" readers of this blog?
**I grew up in a house that was built in the late 1920s, so my mother had to learn to cook on a wood stoke and we has a coal stoker to heat the house. This changed when I was in high school, but has colored my thoughts of a home life ever since.
***Which frustrates me, because I'm always early to parties IRL.