Countdown to Halloween 2015 #1 The Narrative of Victor Karloch (2012) Dir. Kevin McTurk

The Narrative of Victor Karloch (2012) Dir. Kevin McTurk

Not only is The Narrative of Victor Karloch an outstanding horror tale, it is a work of art. Instead of using live actors or animation, the film uses intricately sculpted 30 inch rod puppets and sets to tell a story of chilling terror.

Victor Karloch receives a journal from a colleague who is involved in a salvage operation for a series of missing sea freighters in the North Sea. In this journal, Karloch's friend describes his descent into the abysmal deep with the use of a diving bell and his encounters with the ghosts of a lost Templar Knights ship.

Featuring the voice talents of Christopher Lloyd, Elijah Wood, and Maurice LaMarche, this short film is classic ghost story in the truest sense. Unfortunately to view the short film, you have to purchase it online for streaming. I wouldn’t normally feature a film on this list that you had to buy to see, but Victor Karloch deserves your attention.

You can download the video HERE.