Countdown to Halloween 2015 #10 The Black Lullaby (2014) Dir. Joshua Hoffine

The Black Lullaby (2014) Dir. Joshua Hoffine

I first got introduced to Joshua Hoffine’s work a year ago by a friend. Hoffine works as a photographer in the genre of horror, which is to say he photographs tableaus of monsters and children in peril. Most often his subject is his daughter, which takes some of the edge off of his grotesque compositions. Because Hoffine’s work is so beautiful, he’s one of those artists whom you want to see cross over into other mediums. Last year, Hoffine did a Kickstarter for a short film called The Black Lullaby which expands on his children in peril series of photographs.

Unfortunately, I am unable to post the video here, but by clicking on the link below you can see it in all it's HD glory.