Countdown to Halloween 2015 #14 Hatch (2009) Dir. Damian McCarthy

Hatch (2009) Dir. Damian McCarthy

In the world of short horror, there are only a few names that continually pop up, Drew Daywalt in one, for his work with Fewdio and his own company, and another is Damian McCarthy. Both filmmakers, uses suspense as the backbone of their films, but it could be said that McCarthy makes suspense his stock in trade. Perhaps his best known short is a film called He Dies at the End which uses an online quiz to heighten the tension of an inevitable ending. He does much the same with his film Hatch.

After unwittingly laying an egg, a man waits nervously for whatever is inside to break through the shell.

Hatch is funny and spooky in equal measure taking us on a weird journey toward and ending that is...for the best.