Countdown to Halloween 2015 #20: Dark Times (2010) Dir. Peter Horn

Dark Times (2010) Dir. Peter Horn

We have been living in the throws of zombie popularity for over a decade now and I couldn’t make a list of shorts without finding at least one piece representing the living dead. Unfortunately, there is a ton of zombie films (full length and short format) out there that are terrible and many of those that weren’t terrible had the same note of sad. I wanted to find one that was inventive and fun to watch. I had almost given up hope and posted the brilliant trailer for Dead Island 2, when I ran across Dark Times.

It’s Christmas time in Tallahassee, and the employees of the Blue Skies Nuclear Power plant are gearing up for the best holiday party ever. However, after a reactor meltdown, and total evacuation, they’ll soon find out that the woods this year aren’t exactly filled with Holiday Cheer.

Dark Times is a quick look at a zombie outbreak from the POV of…you. It puts the viewer right in the action giving you all of the hallmarks of some of the best zombie films. The terrified, chatty best friend. Check. The military cracking skulls. Check. The plucky band of survivors with one liners. Double check. Bottom line, this short hits every note in the genre and is a blast to watch.