Dangerous Circus Acts

I usually don't like to begin with an apology, but I'm sorry for the lack of videos and space between proper blogs. There are life changes happening (not just with our new baby) that I'm trying to navigate. It has to do with day jobs, and freelance jobs, and writing submissions, and sleeping schedules, and baby sitters, all of which make it feel like I'm trying desperately to ride a unicycle with a live badger taped to my crotch. I'm getting the job done, but let's say that it's less than elegant. The badger is facing inward, in case you were wondering.

Also, I'm turning 33 tomorrow.

I don't want to turn this into some sort of post-John Hughes, reflection on youth. Despite being a "rank sentimentalist", I'm a bit more mercenary these days. After making sure that my son isn't sitting in a bag of his own waste while crying for food, I can pour myself a cup of coffee and begin to clatter away on a keyboard or jabber into a camera while he smiles and coos at me from his crib or mobile fort, while we both listen to Digital Underground (he loves Digital Underground). Unfortunately, these past few weeks have yielded more cluttered scenarios. I've toyed with the idea of just filming my day to day for the sake of "content", but while I'm certain the folks who regularly read parenting articles would be all over it, the people who come to me to be entertained would find it dull. So I hope you guys don't mind while I get some of this sorted out.

Despite little of it showing up on YouTube or on this website, work has been created, but it's more of the "work for others" variety. If any of this work is completed with my name still attached, I'll be sure to let you all know.

At (almost) 33, I'm hip to the idea that my piece of cyber real estate is tilled differently than others. I blog and make videos for fun and to "just get something out there", but there is also a part of my "expertise"?..."talents"?... artistically acceptable compulsions that are meant soley for professional purposes. So when I do these runs where there aren't new videos and the blogs are lacking, please understand that work is still being made, but it's for pay, or professional development, something that I can't get through my blogs.

That said, I do have a couple of vlogs I've been meaning to get to,"Trying Menudo" PART 2 is a big one, so stay tuned.

In short, I'm never going to be a John Green or a Penny Arcade. I do hope however, that there is room in your entertainment diet and hearts for a slightly haggard Rob Walker. There is more coming, I haven't stopped. I'm not stopping. I hope you guys understand about the spaces in between.

Take care,