Digital Finances (Ani-Logue 10)

The origin of this video was brought upon by recent financial discussions. My fiance and I are planning a wedding, I've gone to four days a week at work in order to pursue making videos, so our cash flow is in a bit of a transition right now. Don't get me wrong, we're not living some Dickensian existence where we pick coal up off the street in order to keep warm and cough our consumption into filthy least not yet. However, after our budgeting, I was feeling a tad discouraged and thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if I could just mine money? Not in the "real world" sense but in the Minecraft fashion.

When I'm not spending time with my loved ones, building fences, pounding T-posts, mixing concrete, cleaning house, emptying cat boxes and working on videos, I play Minecraft. I won't go into detail as to the particulars of this game, but I will say it's a computer game that is like the digital version of legos (with enemies so things don't get too boring). Which would explain the appearance of the Creeper at the end of the video. For an example of what the creeper is and does look Here or Here.

As I was working on this video, I posted on my Facebook if people thought life would be easier if were like a video game? I got two very insightful and heartfelt responses:

Response #1: "I often think as I venture into the world of warcraft that life would be easier this way. Not so much the living forever part but at the very least the simplicity of doing quests and getting paid to do them. Working together as a team to take down a terrible foe. Etc. To me sometimes that seems like a suitable alternative"

Response #2: "Oh how many times I wished life had a reset button.As an ex-WOWer and present DCU'r,I'll second what [POSTER #1] said.It constantly amazes me that people who have never met one another "in person" can come together as a cohesive group w/in a video game.Now,if you sat this same group together outside of the video game environment,where they could actually see one another, I would guess the results would be markedly different.I look forward to a future were we can all interact on a daily basis as avatars.I've experienced this kind of interaction eliminate preconceived social,sexual,economic and national biases.As an avatar,we take each other as the sum total of our actions w/in the game world and don't much care what covering the carbon unit pushing the keys is"

These two posts made me think heavily about the question I had asked and while there isn't enough room here to fully explore the question (and my video certainly doesn't do it) I wanted to ruminate on the subject for a bit.

The world has gotten smaller through the ever growing employment of technology and in many ways we've cut ourselves off from those around us through it's use. But, as mentioned in Response #2, through this anonymity we've also broken down the barriers of culture, language, religion, race and sexual preference..and isn't that a good thing?

In short, video games have taken a lot of shit over the years. Like any other art form, the medium often bares the brunt of accusations involving anti-social behavior (as literature, film, comic books and rock n' roll did before it). While, with any good thing, too much can be bad. However, I hardly think video games are the reason that this world is going to "Hell in a handbasket" and yes they can be seen as art.

Now if I could just make money as easily as I make cobble stone in Minecraft...

-Rob Out.