Drive-In: If You Know Where to Find It...

Shortly after posting my last blog, Drive-in: A Love Letter, I was sent several links that reminded me that the drive-in isn't dying, so much as morphing into something else. For those of you interested in the magical experience of the drive-in, you can still find them, sparse though they seem these days. I encourage all of you to do so, it's a good deal. Almost always a double feature and lets face it, the kids love it.

While there are old fashioned drive-ins still in operation, a new form of the classic ozoner is making the rounds -the mobile drive-in.

The mobile drive-in or Guerilla Drive-in is a relatively new idea. Someone with a projector geared to their vehicle, screens a film at a fresh location every time. This screening is usually held in secret and often follows underground party rules: if you know where to find it, you can attend. The reason for this is that screening films for public consumption without express permission from the copyright holder is, in no uncertain terms, illegal. So there is an air of punk rock to guerilla drive-ins. Like a secret night club that only cool kids can get into... the real cool kids, not those pop-collar, douche-nozzles.

While not commonplace, there are a few of these popping up in the U.S. The most famous being the one in Pennsylvania. This concept thrills me to no end and carries with it a kind of excitement that has been missing from the moviegoing experience for years. If you want to check around for events in your area, there are sites that can help you out. If you want to start your own Guerilla drive-in, let me know when & where the first screening is and God speed!

Please forgive the maudlin tone of the previous blog. I was encouraged by the amount of feedback. People love movies and we'll take them anyway we can get them. But those of us who consider ourselves cinephiles, want something more. This goes beyond 3D, beyond blue ray, beyond surround sound. We want a singular experience that we can't get in the privacy of our own home.

I want to know what you think. Drop me a line at on twitter or on our facebook page.

-Rob Out.

P.S. For those of you in my beloved Colorado, check this site for drive-in info, they seem to keep it updated and check below for Joe Bob Briggs' Drive-in Oath.