The Feeling of Flight

So my son thinks he can fly, or did for at least fifteen minutes yesterday.

For some reason he was really fussy last evening and my hopes for achieving house work, writing or anything apart from my child were immediately dashed when my son decided that if I were not holding him, it was cause for a full blown meltdown. In hopes that we both might achieve some peace, I began “flying” him around the house while singing the John Williams Superman theme. His body stiffened, he threw his arms out, and the biggest smile spread across his chubby cheeks. For fifteen minutes we both were free, he the last son of Krypton and I, his yellow sun. When we finally “landed”, he was giggling and trying to catch his breath before pushing off for another tour around the house. But when his push off yielded no flight, he grew confused, then sad. He honestly thought he could fly. It was in that moment I hated everything about being an adult.

Tired as I was, the meaning of this moment made me we take another lap around the house along with musical accompaniment, just so he could feel the wind in his spit-curl one final time before bed. I am certainly glad I quit smoking.

The rest of the evening went this way: crying, fighting, feeding, changing and rare moments of peace for him and I. Even when my wife got home, it still took a drive around town to get him settled enough to go to sleep. This is rare behavior for my son, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the recent heatwave and his forthcoming teeth didn’t have something to do with his ill-temper. It is like caring for a mogwai sometimes. A mogwai that looks suspiciously like myself.

I had the previous weekend mostly alone to complete some projects that I have had on the back burner. Unfortunately, a single day in solitude wasn’t enough to finish everything I had in mind and my equipment (which is ancient by today’s tech standards) makes it impossible for me to render a video in a reasonable amount of time. The time is nigh for a new setup. There has got to be a better way to do this. Anyway, I got some scripts fired off to people who might be in a position to hire me, which is great because I need to work. On a similar note, some of my writing may have found its way into a few of Cinevore’s upcoming projects and I may have a short film on the horizon. I pitched his partner the week before last on the project and got a taste of what it's like to pitch an idea to someone who may not be on the same page as myself. This kind of a pitch has happened before, but it's been a while. It's a healthy thing to deal with creative folks who may not be the same kind of weird as me. Assuming I can convince filmmaker number two that what I think is funny, is actually funny, the world, or at least this project, might be my oyster.