On Foot (Ani-Logue 13)

Like most of the animated monologues, this one is based on true events. I did in fact get my Jeep stolen Thursday before last. With so many fantastic things happening recently, I must admit, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Not that I'm an incurable pessimist, but I often imagine that whenever something wonderful happens to me, something equally as shitty has to transpire for the matrix to right itself. In the event that it is never recovered, I dedicate this short to the thief who stole it. You took my car, but you gave me this story. A bit of a lop-sided trade...but whatever.

Of the amazing things happening recently: I am a featured filmmaker at The Lyric Cinema and Lounge! Which means that you can catch my Animated Monologues on the big screen twice a month. I am extremely grateful to Ben (The owner) for this magnificent opportunity.

I've also been approached to work on a video production class at the university level. More on this as it develops.

I will be posting an update video soon, basically describing the changes to the posting schedule as it coincides with my shifting filmmaking philosophies. As for now, though, I might curl up with some of the comics I got from FCBD and relax.

-Rob Out.