The Future of Home Cinema

So I've written several articles about the state of the modern movie going experience. The unnecessary 3D, The lack of intermissions, the shoddy poster art, the art of the movie trailer and the decline and evolution of the drive-in. And while the theater landscape is certainly changing, movie theaters will never truly go away.

As I've mentioned before and as I'm sure most of you know, movie theatre attendance is down. This is no surprise considering the rise in ticket prices and the availability of things like VOD and Netflix. And while I try to support local theaters as often as I can, I do wonder what it would be like to have the ultimate theater in my very own home.

As I write this, I am not breakfasting on braised turtle meat, but instead the leftover half of a Chipotle burrito. This scenario proves that I am certainly not wealthy enough to create my own home theater. However there do exist a few people out there who are that wealthy who, with the financial means and a dose of design, have crafted truly amazing home theaters. If everyone had access to theaters like these, the chains would certainly go out of business.

Indiana Jones Temple

With a sandstone color scheme and Egyptian decor, this Indiana Jones themed theater is a great idea. However, while the room is decorated with props from the first three films, it's a shame that the owners didn't go the extra mile and blend the seats into the theme, as well as forgo some of the more cheesy mural paintings.

The Batcave

This home theater with seats provided by Elite Home Theater Seating, Is a Bat-fan's dream. The design of the cave looks real and the Batman theme ensures the technological aspects fit right in.

Cyberdyne Cinema

Fans of James Cameron's killer robot series will no doubt recognize not just the name, but the design elements as well. Taking nods from both The Terminator as well as old fashioned sci-fi and horror movie sets, designer and owner Darren Mortensen has created a wonderful and functional homage to a sci-fi classic.

The Matrix

With it's lime and black color scheme, this Matrix themed home theater has hit the nail on the head with design. Created by Genesis Audio, this theater came in at at $900,000. Now, for the question: who would want to watch a movie in the muted digital hellscape of The Matrix?

Science Fiction Tribute

Even without having a central focused theme, Dr. David Winn's home theater is still pretty damn cool. Including several animatronic sci-fi creatures and sculptures, this theater is an homage to all things science fiction.

Stargate Atlantis

While admittedly I am not a fan of the television series, I have to say that this home theater is pretty neat. With a dual projection system (one of the projectors creates a water scene) and a ceiling star dome, an audience would have no choice but to be immersed in this sci-fi world.

The Grand Imperial Theater

This theater was apparently created by the lead designer of Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2. This design was crafted to resemble a Death Star control room / Imperial flight deck. The Grand Imperial set includes life-sized sculpts of Han Solo, C3P0, Boba Fett, three levels of seating and a fiber-optic starfield.

The Enterprise TOS

Designed and built by owner Gary Reighn, this theater was inspired by the original Star Trek Enterprise set. Reign has used the basic color scheme and design to craft a fun and functional homage to the sci-fi television classic.

Enterprise-D Next Generation

At $3,000,000 this Enterprise home theater has garnered at least two awards for design, theme and overall technology. It has several customizable elements that include motorized sliding doors, intelligent concert lighting and an amplification system known for handling "extreme volumes for prolonged periods of time."


This elegant home theater was designed to look like a room on the Titanic. With it's early 1900s molding and embellishments as well as a projector that provides Cinemascope film ratios, this might be one of the most upscale theaters (commercial or otherwise) I've ever seen.

The Nautilus

Steampunk fans check this out! Inspired by Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this home theater brings Verne's science fiction fantasy to life. What more can be said. This room is a brilliantly designed work of art.

Pirate Ship

This might be the ultimate in themed home entertainment. If these design renderings are to be believed, the level of detail that is going into this pirate themed home theater is astounding. With an adjoining tavern, this might be the perfect place to grab a grog and enjoy a screening of The Goonies.

There are certainly more home theater features like these floating around the web, I just happened to pick the ones I liked best for their devotion to movie themes. I left out at least two Star Wars and Star Trek designs that were actually pretty cool.

Anyway, I thought after talking at length in curmudgeony fashion about how movie theaters have no soul, I'd represent the possible future of cinema, which no doubt will be in the home. I don't think that public movie theaters will ever go out of business, they may just go the way of ballet, opera and theatre and be considered as special night out.

-Rob Out.