Hiatus, Writing and The DENVER COMIC CON

While, Victorian Cut-out Theatre is on a brief hiatus, I've been settling some accounts and writing non-stop. May 7th has me attending a showcase in Los Angeles in hopes that I can show off some of this writing. I'm told industry types will be there. The kind of people that sit in boardrooms all day and make big decisions about what kind of entertainment we should all be gorging ourselves on. I actually don't know if that last part is true, but it sounds plausible.

It's also quite plausible that I could go out there and gain nothing from this non-meeting, but I suppose it's the act of going that is the important thing. I have nothing to lose at this point I suppose. So it is with this day in mind, that I've been writing and revising almost constantly. Working on sketch scripts, spec scripts for television and backup articles for what might become an additional occupation…but more on that later.

As I've said before, Cigarette Burn Pictures will be no more when May 7th rolls around. This isn't an attempt to destroy my past, but instead focus on the future. I want to clean things up and make the videos easier to find. I also want the site to be a place where you come for the videos and maybe stay for the blog. The current CBP site has strayed away from featured articles and has become more of a personal blog that talks about my work, which is kind of where the new site will land I think. Simple. I like how John Scalzi’s site opperates. He writes books, but his blog is really about whatever interests him. That’s what I want for the new site. You can enjoy my work for what it is, but if, for some reason, you want to know what’s going on in my brain, you can read the blog.

I used to have designs on making the site a place where people would go for a consistent flow of entertainment, but to do that you need more than just one person. You need an army of writers, designers and videomakers. And you…you need to curate the hell out of that shit. Alas, it was not to be, and I feel good about being a freelancer who has his work featured on the sites of others. I kind of feel like Wolverine, he's on three teams the last time I checked. Anyway, these are people whom I respect and whom drive me to do better work, and what's more, the name of the organization under which I develop my work is often secondary to the work itself in the eyes of the audience. They don't care who produces it, they just want it and more often.

I will be attending the DENVER COMIC CON this year. I don't have a booth, but I will be wandering around handing out Victorian Cut-out Theatre goodies. I hope the lure of free things will gather a new group of people to the show. I don't often get the chance to talk to people directly about the VCoT, so I'm kind of excited. If you're going to be there, you should say hello.

So, a lot of irons are in the fire right now and I'm eager to see how each of them will turn out. I’ll keep you all informed of new developments and I hope that you will continue to check back.

Take care,