Holiday Crunch

...No this isn't the new cereal I've been developing for General Mills. For my money, nothing beats the long discontinued Fruit Brute. The title of this blog is in reference to my schedule which is why the NEW Animated Monologue will be delivered later this week instead of Monday. However, it's a fun little piece and I think you enjoy it, so it I'm saying it's worth the wait.

In other news: Next Monday (November 28th) I will be a guest on WTF Are You Watching, a wonderful podcast run by two dear friends Lincoln Hayes and Kyle Anderson. You can listen to their brilliance at: I'm immensely looking forward to being a part of such a brilliant series. I adore these guys!

T-SHIRTS!: As promised, I am currently working on getting a store to sell t-shirts. It's taking a long time, because I want to make sure that the shirts you will be ordering are of good quality. If my name is on something that you guys paid hard earned money for, I want it to be good. So as soon as I am sure that the product is solid, the store will be up.

HEAR ME!:I have been asked to participate in some film-related speaking engagements. I'll go into more detail after it becomes official and hopefully some of you will be able to make it.

LIVE!: The next Byllyngsgate Ball at The Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins will be held Dec 1st. I would love it if all of you could attend as I will be showing one of my short animations. The more of you who come and cheer me on, the less I feel like a jack ass in front of all the hipsters. Please come and bring a friend and if you wanted to talk about how awesome I am that would be cool too.

That's about all for now, I'll post the video soon. Keep checking back or follow our Facebook Link in the bar above to become super-happy-Facebook Friends.

Excelsior! -Rob