How to plan a bachelor party

There's something you need to know about bachelor parties. One can't just simply cobble together a situation based on 80s sex comedies and expect for such an event to work. I am of the opinion that you should craft the party to the individual. If the person isn't into "Weird Science-like" shenanigans, it likely won't do for you to force that kind of party upon him. However, if you find yourself with a name like "Vinnie", "Stiles" or "Boner", that is exactly the kind of party you should force on your friend.

The groom-to-be would have the run of his future in-law's estate for the weekend, while they were visiting some sort of yachting regatta, or whatever it is rich people did during the Reagan era. This means that the house will inevitably get destroyed through a carnival of binge drinking, strippers and goats (for some reason). The uptight groom would learn to loosen up and you, the best friend, would learn absolutely nothing. Such is the recipe for a good bachelor party, or so Tom Hanks would have me believe.

I didn't throw this kind of party, I threw the other kind. The benevolent kind, filled with comic book stores and laser tag. However, there was drinking, and while the evening didn't necessarily get rowdy, it did end with someone getting sick in my front yard, which is mildly reminiscent of the aforementioned 80's conventions. So I guess everyone wins*.

All in all it was a fun experience and I think the soon-to-be groom had a splendid time. I'm sure there are some folks who would castigate me for replacing "adult" entertainments with a laser version of the The Most Dangerous Game, but to them I would say "It's not your bachelor party, is it."

Other than moving into new houses and planning and executing bachelor parties, I've been trying to get some writing an animating in. My weekly deadlines for Nerd Reactor have been keeping me on my toes, and anything with a longer timeline has me trying extra hard to put together. Hopefully soon, my schedule can get back to some measure of liquidity so that I can catch up.

Take care,


* There is also a point in every bachelor party when things turn slightly somber or worrisome, like the time I almost inadvertently murdered my cousin, but that is a tale for another day.