The Hughes Reviews: The Breakfast Club

Because I wanted to keep my review (relatively) short, I was forced to cut a topics out of the review. Plus I'm not entirely convinced that people want to listen to me wax intellectual about movies for extended periods of time. Anyway, had to get a few things off my chest regarding this film before I put this review to bed...

The soundtrack is brilliant, I'm hoping to get more into Hughes' music choices in the National Lampoon's Vacation two part finale-Stay tuned.

I thought everyone knew this, but I find it interesting that most of Hughes' teen canon take place in the same town (Shermer Illinois). I will hit upon this more in the Ferris Bueller Review...hopefully.

Like all of John Hughes' films this one manages to be constantly referenced in other realms of pop culture and media. Below is a short list of references.

-The cover to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 parodies the film's poster

-Kevin Smith's Film Clerks is heavily inspired by The Breakfast Club. One location, limited cast, heavy dialogue. Smith even references Shermer, Illinois in Dogma. See it HERE

-NBC's Community had referenced several Hughes films, but they take a look at The Breakfast Club in the episode "Communication Studies". Seriously, everyoune should be watching this show.

-Bender from Futurama was named for Judd Nelson's character.

-John Bender makes a cameo in Family Guy: Blue Harvest

-The phrase, "Eat My shorts" was originally coined in this film.

That's it for now, please check back next moth for Pretty in Pink

-Rob Out.