The Hughes Reviews: Pretty in Pink

Sorry for the late post, but I'm sure most of you checked Youtube before coming here. We had some server problems this morning but everything seems to be...well, Duckie!

Anyway, I had a great deal of fun doing this project. Working on projects solo can be a freeing but lonely endeavor. It was lovely to chat with my brilliant sibling on the subject of one of her favorite films. Her insights into into Pretty in Pink caused me to search the film deeper than I had previously and I think I am richer for it. I think she had a good time too, so you may see future sibling reviews (Labyrinth was mentioned). We had to cut a great deal from this review, but Kimberly figured that since it's a two-parter, she didn't want to inundate you all with Pretty in Pink. Below is the video for the song that gave John Hughes the title. It's a catchy ditty and I hope you enjoy it as our only review supplement.

Keep checking back. Article next week. NEW Animated Monologue the week after.

Let's plow,

-Rob Out.