I Am Legend

I Am Legend was one of CBP's most well received shorts when we first screened it in 2006. We had been grinding away on The Dance (our first short film) for over a year and the realization that we'd been working on something for that long and had very little to show for it was starting to get to me. Wanting to push forward on something, I managed to crank out two short films in a short amount of time, the first was GRIND, an artsy little piece that I pre-planned until I had made the movie three times before shooting a frame of video, and I Am Legend which was a delightful exercise in free form storytelling.

Wanting something to shoot that wasn't mine, I asked friend Kyle Anderson if he was working on anything. He had a three page scripted loosely based off of the concept from the Matheson novella. Kyle said he wanted a Sin City feel to the short. With this in mind I took the short and shot it all in a little under two days. Because of the nature of the script, it was all based around imagery and I had a lot of freedom with which to play. Actor/composer Monty, recorded both the voice over and music on his own, with very little direction from me. I told him that i wanted "jazz piano, Dawn of the Dead synth sound and spaghetti western church bells". He definitely delivered. I Am Legend remains one of my favorite early films of CBP's. It just came together.