Ideas, VCoT and Pregnancy

I have ideas.

Lots of ideas actually. The Denver Comic Con was good in many ways, but it was brilliant in that I had the opportunity to attend two professional seminars. I actually made a conscious effort to avoid the “fun” panels, wherein celebrities would tell hilarious anecdotes, if it meant that I could go to a panel that might answer some professional questions of mine. I got most of these queries answered, but wasn’t left with a feeling of accomplishment. I did get some nuts and bolts advice with regard to social media, submissions and pitch bibles, but the umbrella feeling was something I already knew: that this is a lot of hard work and I better get to it.

The last two episodes of Victorian Cut-out Theatre season 2 are coming together. I’m very excited, because I will have other performers involved directly in their production and I hope that this will become a more regular thing for season 3. The first episode you will see, looks at the classic European village as seen in Universal’s Monster films. You see these folks in Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman. They dress like a polka band at OktoberFest and they usually give the protagonist mysterious advice about the creatures of the night. Some have asked if the vampire from the first episode will make an appearance again, and all I can say is, no, but his presence may be felt. The final episode is a science fiction story, that has a very special ending. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, and as always, tell your Monty Python-loving, steampunk, gothic and literary friends.

In slightly more personal news, my wife is a little under six months pregnant with our son. The gradual nature of pregnancy is a very good thing I think, because it allows the parents to get used to the idea with an ever increasing physical reminder. Proof that this is indeed happening, and you should probably get your ducks in a row. Or “duckies”, or monkeys or whatever. My wife is taking the changes like a champ and I’ve been doing my best to make sure that she is fed, rested and is taking her vitamins. This experience has taught me that pregnant woman stereotypes are mostly nonsense, fostered by decades of sitcoms. My wife isn’t a bipolar monster with cravings for wasabi flavored ice-cream and I am neither the careless husband nor the goofy micro-manager. I am her partner. So there you have it, pregnancy stereotypes BUSTED.

The closer we get, the more I think we’re going to be okay on this one. I’m not looking forward to potty training and answering questions like “What is a weapon?”, but I feel like I can handle the subjects of teasing and heartbreak exceedingly well. Mostly I’m looking forward to things like showing him Indiana Jones for the first time.

Take care,