Irish Bare Knuckle Brawler Complete Footage

A while ago, after Cinevore's Nerd vs Geek had premiered and was on it's way to becoming the success it currently is, I had called up Matt Conant to inquire about many things, because he has been my video Jedi master since Cinevore began airing VCoT, but I had mainly called to inquire about moving to Pittsburgh. Anyway, during that discussion I recalled an email in which he said that he and Stephanie were hoping to get their friends involved with NvG, and if I was ever in the neighborhood during a shooting window, I should be in the series, or failing that, I should do something involving Victorian Cut-out Theatre. At the time I read the email, I was flattered, but just chalked it up to Matt being nice. However months after the email, I decided to pitch him on a different idea.

I suggested that I animated a video game called "Irish Bare Knuckle Brawler" that the characters in the show could play. I wanted to do it in the cut-out style I had become known for, and make it a mix between VCoT and Street Fighter. Matt laughed at the joke, and said that sounded cool, and we didn't really speak anymore about it. Two months later he told me to animate the footage. Now it's in one of the best NvG episodes Cinevore has so far released. I really couldn't be more pleased and grateful. Not to get too sentimental, but I kind of feel like I've been invited to sit with the cool kids. Like I'm a valuable member of the Xmen, only instead of being able to move things with my mind, I make the animated equivalent of low-brow New Yorker cartoons. I can live with that.

I'm glad so many people enjoyed the gag of IBKB and maybe someday it will become a game. I have long imagined the kind of details I would put into something like this. You'd definitely have to fight your way around the British Isles, I'd also like for there to be a gambling element to the game that enables the player to put money toward their caravan. Victorian carnival mini-games like tests of strength would be an element. So if you're a game designer and want to do a Irish bare Knuckle Brawler game, hit me up. I got ideas, and if the comments section of episode 10 of Nerd vs Geek is to be believed, people would play the F*** out of this game.