It is complete! Sort of…

I spent the majority of the weekend taking care of a smaller version of myself like some sort of adorable paradox. I don’t remember being quite so obstinate, but then again I don’t remember much from that time in my life except for getting dunked under water during a swimming lesson when I was two. Regardless, the front end of the weekend was loaded with bathing, and strollering, and playing. His current favorite game is to squeal and charge at our cats, his chubby hands slapping the ground to show dominance. Yesterday, however, was spent finishing…well, “finishing” an episode of VCoT.

Career Opportunities is complete, but I need to do some minor sound tweaking before I turn it over to Cinevore. It won’t air until the rest of the episodes are finished, which means that no episodes will be late and I won’t be scrambling month to month to make fresh episodes, which has always been a feature of this new season that I liked. The show certainly looks better than it ever has before, it’s cleaner and more polished, although I’m not super crazy about the movements. Arms and legs move too smoothly now, I’ll have to tinker with it. It has been months struggling with After Effects to actually get something, but I think it was worth it…I hope it was worth it, at any rate. The next one should take substantially less time. The series will be in color because when you trying to get people to watch a show predicated on antiquity, every little bit helps. The new process for production has also included a lot of committee. There are more ideas and voices at work here than just mine. These new opinions and thoughts have been invaluable to me during this process and I think you’ll notice an uptick in quality at every level because of it. These people will be thanked and I will do my best to pay it forward. Matt and Stephanie will finally receive proper credits on each episode as producers, something that should have happened at the very beginning. The absence of their names isn’t borne out of malice, but in case I haven’t made myself clear, I don’t know what I’m doing and I knew even less when they asked me to make episodes for them in 2011...or was it 2012? Sorry guys. There will also be credit given to technomancer Chris Potako and Dr. Anthony Mandal and The Database of MidVictorian Illustration. There wouldn’t be a new season of VCoT without either of you and the first two seasons wouldn’t have existed without Dr. Mandal and DMVI.

I spent a couple of hours watching online videos last week. This is something I haven’t done in a while and it used to be the cornerstone of my existence. In 2008, all I did was watch Angry Video Game Nerd videos, The Gentleman’s Guide to Gaming videos, read Penny Arcade, and try to make movies of my own. This would be two years before I would go to my first film festival as an attendee and find myself in the same neighborhood as James Rolfe himself. Over the years I’ve watched those I’ve admired grow and get better at their work while I’ve tried to get better at my own. And recently watching Rolfe’s The Making of “A Night of Total Terror” and Cinemassacre 200 I was reminded of why I keep doing this despite setbacks and new responsibilities; I love it. I can’t stop. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Certainly my time is more precious than it was in 2008, but I’ve managed to keep going, which is why I’m so grateful for your support. I don’t know if 1800s illustrations talking about mummy penises will ever become as popular as AVGN or Penny Arcade, actually I do and the answer is no. But I hope to make my work better than it was seven years ago, I think I already have and I’d also like to attempt a few new things this year in between production on VCoT. I just want to keep going.

Last night, as I was rendering the finished episode, basking in my cleverness and ingenuity in completing something I had been struggling so hard to finish, I was called to the next room by my wife. In the words of Dana Gould "It's never good when you do something 'All over yourself.'" Our son was ripped from sleep because he had thrown up all over everything; himself, his bed, and his stuffed tiger. All in all, he was in good spirits and went right back to sleep after we had rinsed him off and changed his sheets. For those of my friends and colleagues who have been wondering if I would quit when I had a child, the answer is an unequivocal “No.” Continue to expect things from me, some of them will be great, even as I’m coated in partially digested oatmeal.