Jeff Anders Attorney At Law

In my mind, Jeff Anders exists in the same universe as Gov't. Tit.

He probably defended them in one of their many (many) trials. I thought of this idea a couple of years ago and finally got around to finishing it last year. It's short, it's sweet and, I hope, funny. I wanted to get a real low budget, late night cable vibe to it. I think I succeeded. I couldn't have put this together without the support of Monty and Steve as well as the amazing talents of Kimberly Walker and "Pappa Sauce". You should also know that this short has two companion pieces I would like to do soon. So be on the look out. ALSO, thank you all for your patience. The CBP Cinema Supper Club, will be posted Sunday Morning. Sorry for the delay and switcheroo, we're covering Sundance at the end of this month so we shuffled some things around.