The L.A. Trip (Epilogue) and being a Colorado Writer

I went to L.A. this week to meet with industry types and I think I did that. All of the industry types I met happened to be friends of mine, but that makes the meetings no less valuable. Some of these folks I hadn't laid eyes on in over five years, and it was a joy to see them again. Most of the evening however, was spent explaining why I had decided not to move to Los Angeles. It was neat to hear that so many people wanted the pleasure of my company, but it was a little difficult telling the same tale over and over again. Although everyone seemed to be really supportive.

I also chatted with one of my benefactors who has been showing my writing to interested parties. He told me that the folks he showed my work to liked what they saw, but due to my location i.e. not in Los Angeles, he didn’t know how to set up a meeting. It was at this moment that I began sputtering sentence fragments, in a vain attempt to not lose any forward momentum I had inadvertently built up. It wasn’t until after the UNC student showcase that I was able to express my situation in clear and concise terms: I want to write and work in the creative industry, but my current situation is that I am a Colorado resident. I am not averse to flying out for meetings, nor am I opposed to staying in L.A. for the length of a project. With our current technology, it should be possible for me to be a script writer (an occupation normally reserved for those living in Sherman Oaks) from the dwarven like womb of the Rocky Mountains. Seriously, we live in the future.

As I unfurled all of this to my benefactor, he gave me hope. “What you’re asking for isn’t impossible,” he said. “It just means you’re going to have to work harder. Come to me in the fall, when school starts up again, and we’ll create a new plan of attack.”

I was thrilled. This is what I came out to L.A. for I suppose, validation that I didn’t have to move to L.A., odd as that sounds. I’m not afraid of hustling and working hard, but my current life trajectory has me unable to drop everything and chase Hollywood like others have. While this may be a tale of woe to some, to others it was pragmatic and smart. I’m glad I went to this event. I didn’t expect much and received much more than expected.

On my way out, I snapped a picture of this Zoltar machine as seen in the movie Big. As someone who often sees life’s little moments in a series of metaphors, this one hasn’t escaped me. I'm not giving up, but becoming wiser and discovering alternate routes to my desired destination. I feel like I’m becoming an adult.