Lots of projects

I have been super busy lately! I've mostly been busy with really fun stuff, but I kind of feel like The Flash just as he hits maximum velocity. Every atom in my body is vibrating. Anyway, I've been hired to animate a short book trailer, I've also been hired to write a short script for Cinevore (but more on that later). I also have two outstanding projects, one will end this week, and (hopefully) the other will follow soon after. Whew! I'm whipped. Rick Destree and I talked about the website, so the wheels are in motion for a premiere in early May, as well as a new Youtube Channel. My main goal is to make my blog and videos easier to find and just have both the YouTube and personal site feel simple and easy.

I'd really like to write more, particularly about the conversation I had with my sister and brother in law about the nature of art, but I've been working all weekend long on scripts, video and animation and I can't muster the effort. However, if you need my insights on stuff, you can read my articles at Nerd Reactor or follow me on Twitter.

Take care,