Monster noises, animation, and trips to Philadelphia

I haven’t posted here in a while because I’ve been busy actually doing things, and that beats me writing about all of the stuff I’m going to be doing, doesn’t it?

Victorian Cut-out Theatre season three/episode 2, should be complete by the end of this week. There was a massive stall in production due to real life (birthdays, house guests, and municipal notices) I think we should be back on track here soon. My goal is to complete three episodes before our trip to Philadelphia at the end of September. So when I see Matt and Stephanie I don’t feel like such a layabout. I’m pleased with this episode in particular because I’m able to do things like “walking scenes” and flying characters in minutes in what used to take me all day. Moreover, these movements and characters look dynamic on a level I don’t think I’ve ever produced before. YAY!!!

That’s the other thing, we’ll be going to Philadelphia next month. I can’t bear to call it “Philly”, I feel like a poser. Anyway, immensely looking forward to that despite the city being on lock down due to the Pope. I never think to cross check travel plans with those of visiting dignitaries, but maybe I should. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the visit with friends and family, finally getting to eat a real Philly Cheese Steak (NOT one from Delaware), seeing the Mutter Museum again and maybe the N.C. Wyeth Museum, as I have a thing for books bound in human flesh and detailed paintings of pirates. But if you’ve been following me this long, you might have already known that.

I have a few side-projects going as well, as if I didn’t already have too little time, but I’m excited about these things and I think side-projects are what keep you working on your main stuff. They’re the things that keep your sanity. No telling when those will be done and there’s no sense in talking about them until there’s something substantial on the way.

Mostly, over the past several weeks, I’ve been party planning/hosting, playing with my son, and doing an inordinate amount of yard work. I’ve also been (kind of) lamenting my current station. Rest assured this has nothing to do with the three previously mentioned activities. No, my current state of mind kind of revolves around…well, my current state…as in, Colorado. I love it here, but I don’t think I can stay here and do what I want to do at the level at which I want to do it. I know, we’ve been down this road before, but there are more places than Los Angeles, places friendlier to creators with families, and I might get a better lead into Hollywood from somewhere else. I don’t know. This is all talk right now, but I sense something will have to be done soon. I’ve been asking around.


On the home front, my son now poops two to four times a day. This is a bummer for all involved since he has also recently taken to rolling around once he is free of his diaper. Also, he has discovered his penis. Sanitary issues abound! And being the type of person that washes his hands all the time, our partnership has hit a hitch and I sense it only getting worse before it gets better. Aside from that we’ve been having a blast together. Two of his favorite things are when I chase him while hissing and making monster noises, and it just so happens that chasing children while pretending to be a monster is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. I even showed him some of my animation work and he squealed in delight. Apparently Victorian Cut-out Theatre isn’t too sophisticated for a 10 month old. Either that or it's not sophisticated at all.

When I can (usually before bed or on my breaks at work) I read or listen to podcasts/audio books. I just read volume 2 of Dark Horse Comics Lobster Johnson. It’s been out for a while, so this isn’t “hip” news. However, the book scratched the exact itch I’ve been fussing with for months.This book is the best kind of pulp and fits right along side The Rocketeer and The Shadow. So if you’re tired of superheroes being not very much fun, give it go. I also listened to Sarah Vowell’s Partly Cloudy Patriot. It was a beautiful collection of essays about American history, patriotism, and political discourse. I heartily recommend it if you like those things and a keen sense of humor.

There’s been much more than this happening, but too much to list here. Film Festivals and 80s parties. Trust me, I’ll get to it soon.

Hope you are all doing well,