More of gravy than of grave

It’s 5 AM as I attempt to type this. My cat, the fiend known as Buckaroo Banzai or
“the dark one” for the color of his coat as well as his heart, has taken up my lap and arm and is purring furiously.

We’re getting Christmas cards out this week, which seems late, but is actually earlier than we’ve ever sent out Christmas cards. As I may or may not have mentioned, the cards are handmade this year and include an illustration of a now popular Christmas monster and a poem about his activities. Years ago, I learned that my friend Dave made his own cards every year and I thought it was a brilliant idea. A short time later I read a poem written by Neil Gaiman for his own Christmas card and knew that I had to give it a try myself. I’m pretty proud of the way both the drawing and poem turned out and hope that its presence and recitation will add a feeling of dark whimsy to the holiday. Some on our list will receive an alternate card because, as I have been reminded constantly since childhood, not everyone is as enthusiastic about Bavarian Christmas demons as I am.

Stockings are done. My wife’s presents are bought…more or less. I have a book for my son, but am struggling with ideas for other gifts. What do you get the one year old who appears to have everything? I mean, he already has every vehicle someone of his size and power can command. It’s like friggin' Wacky Races up in here.

The snow has fallen and though it has started to melt, it looks like it will stick for a while, albeit in misshapen and grimy form. The roads are sloppy and no one with a drivers license can navigate the mess without infraction. And our neighbors appear to be moving. Which would be a good thing, if I weren’t inclined to worry that their replacements will be even worse. Christmas is five days away and I’m desperately hoping that three specters will pay me a visit and give me advice. Truth be told, I would settle for one holiday spirit or better yet the incorporeal forms of my former business partners. Actually my former business partners are quite corporeal. I hope they are doing well. It would be nice to see them and laugh like we used to.

I’m not in the head space for Christmas. I’m a bit more George Bailey than Ebenezer Scrooge at the moment. What I need right now is time. Time to take a breath, time to work on things, time to relax. Of course it is five days to Christmas, and everyone wants more time…which is why I’m writing this at 5 AM on a Sunday morning.

Seasons Greetings,