New techniques from an ape who paints things

This week has been a bit on the rough side, but I manage to be holding it together. Wednesday saw me down with my first illness of the year. I managed to sleep through the worst parts and with the help of medication, vitamins and gallons of orange juice, I was back in the saddle the next day only to have my car die for a second time in three weeks. All of this is compounded by the fact that my wife and I have been trying our best to get our offspring to adhere to some sort of sleep schedule that includes going down at 8 PM and sleeping until 7:00 the next morning. We have a version of this now which encompasses much ritual, but also includes screaming interludes at midnight and 4 AM. Without making this blog entirely about our child, the hardest part has been the “sleep rules”. According to my wife and the book she is currently reading, there are ways to get your child to sleep without “cheating”. These are the kind of concepts that scare parents to death. When one isn’t afraid of the physical harm the child might come to, you worry about the psychological damage a routine or misplaced word will do. That by giving in to a child’s desire for a bottle at bed time, or his/her need to be rocked to sleep, you will someday find them on 60 Minutes explaining to Barbara Walters why he “made wind chimes out of their bones”, from behind a wall of bullet-proof glass.

We’re working on it.

On an unrelated note, I received a letter in the mail yesterday from Bella Romero Academy of Applied Technology. It reads:

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am an 8th grade student at Bella Romero Academy. I wanted to thank you very much for your time and for coming out to our district’s career fair last week. I really appreciate it. It was great being able to speak to you and other members in the community. This experience realy helped me grab and idea of what I wanted to be. I hope that you also had a positive experience. I hope that you will be able to attend next year and help the next group of 8th graders. Thank you for coming out!

I’ve long been worried that texting and computers had destroyed good penmanship in this country, but this letter was drafted in one of the steadiest hands I have had the pleasure to read. Anyway, it was kind of this student and her school to send me this correspondence. As I’ve mentioned previously, my experience was a good one and I would love to attend again next year. So thank you student and Bella Romero Academy for taking the time to write to me.

On a deeper note regarding projects, Season 3 of VCoT has a new intro. This one will be available for viewing soon and will be the first animated sequence for the series developed entirely in Adobe After Effects. I can’t tell you how liberating it was not to spend an hour crafting 25 individual frames of a single animated movement. I just plotted time and coordinates and it worked in seconds. SECONDS! So things should come together a lot quicker after this first episode is complete. This is the prototype by which the future episodes will be based and so far I feel like a damn rube for waiting this long to try something new. But I never thought VCoT would get a wide audience and the help of a production company. So something was seen in it despite my lack of technical understanding. I feel like Good Will Hunting…or like that ape who paints pictures. Yeah, more like the ape.

Cinevore is currently shooting some of the episodes of their hilarious show MOOT in correlation with PBS in Philadelphia and a show called Articulate with Jim Cotter. The show is a like a spiritual successor to Nerd Vs. Geek and is very funny and very smart. Anyway, an episode or two that I helped write should be completed soon and I can’t wait for you to see them. The show is great and I am happy that I was able to contribute. You should watch the episodes that are out now and stay tuned for future entries. You can watch them all HERE.

That’s about it for now. Wish me luck and sleep and time…more than anything, please wish me time.

Take care,