No Oscars here, Being sent West and Neat videos!

I’ve had a few people ask me if I had watched the Oscars on Sunday, which is understandable as I’m (kind of) involved in entertainment, and the answer is no. My wife and I don’t have cable and most of our visual entertainment is derived from Hulu, Netflix and our PS3. But the truth is, even if I did have access to television, I probably still wouldn’t have watched the Oscars. I find award shows boring and more about clothes and jewelry, than about actually honoring artists for their work. I know a lot of people dig the Academy Awards, and that’s cool, I just can’t get into them. I’d rather watch a really great movie than an awards show. And we did, we watched Blade Runner.

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, as well as packed up books and put together a screenwriter’s résumé that looks less embarrassing than I thought it would. I’m also preparing for the last Victorian Cut-out Theatre episode before our move, as well as an evening of my short films for my community’s First Friday Arts Walk. After next week, it will be moving/writing until we are finally in L.A. then I’ll be hustling to find a job and trying to find happiness in our new city, so as to not be miserable and displaced for the next year.

Right now, that’s the benchmark. A year. 365 days in Los Angeles to gain practical filmmaking experience, first and foremost, but also to see if L.A. would be a good fit for perpetual work. I will hustle and work hard, but I don't like the idea of scraping by. However, if my instincts are correct, I’m willing to bet that L.A. is for the already established. I guess we’ll find out won’t we. There are some people I’ve talked to who suggest a five year plan, but I don’t know if I can commit to that. Everyone I ask has given me wonderful advice on how this process should work (5 year plan, move to New Orleans, P.A. for a studio etc.), but each bit of wisdom is different.

I feel a bit like I’m going into exile. Not forced out of my city’s gates by some robed tribunal, but a self-deportation. Cutting out voluntarily, to face the harsh wasteland that stretches West. I feel a little mixed up and ignorant, which might be a positive.

Anyway, a few videos will be dropping soon and then, other than VCoT Commentaries, I’ll be taking a month or two break to deal with the move. After that, regular programming should commence around late May early June.

Below is a Vine video I did, (which represents my latest video work…I guess). Vine is an ofshoot of Twitter and gives you six seconds of video. Within this limitation people are doing some really interesting things with the format. Life Cycle of the Handdrawn Flower is simple but I'm proud of it. It's certainly my best video on Vine. I've also incuded two bits of media that I have enjoyed recently and thought you would too. A short film by Roman Coppola, and an an interview with John Hodgman all about writing.

Take care,