No Place I'd Rather Be

THE BACKGROUND: This is our entry into the 2009 48 Hour Film Project Denver.

For those of you who don't know, The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is a world wide contest that allows filmmakers to write, film, produce and edit a film in 48 Hours. However their are stipulations: You must draw a genre out of a hat (Ours was Buddy Film) and all of the films in your area must include a character (Ours was Nathan Brown, Backpacker) a prop (Towel) and a line of dialogue that can be written or spoken ("That's not the way we do it") we had a great deal of fun working on this film and are incredibly proud of it. For those of you who want an in depth look at the entire process check out our youtube behind the scenes video diaries at

THE CHARACTERS: Johnny Wayne Skylar Jr. and Tom-T Mackenroy were created in 2007 as possible characters for a live improv show. We wanted something we could do to stretch our creative wings when we weren't making movies. The characters were different from their current incarnations and a single song was written (Lovin' You is a Twelve Step Program) and then forgotten. Two years later They seemed the perfect fit for the genre we drew and we revived them crafting a story around these two ex-cons trying to be good people. The inspirations for the characters themselves come from several different place, stories we've heard, family and friends and their back stories keep becoming more detailed. We hope to do more with them in future shorts as well as live performances.

WHY WE ARE SHOWING THIS AND NOT A CBP EPISODE: We want to set these characters up for the very special Christmas surprise we have planned for the end of the month. So this posting serves as a sort of appetizer for what is to come. So keep checking back, you will see these to hooligans-gone-straight very soon and I feel sure in telling you, you will NOT be disappointed.

Thank you for watching,

Monty, Steve & Rob