OS Updates, Victorian Futures and Philadelphia Film Fests

Despite working on computers constantly, I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes them. I usually put off updates until it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. And since Apple has a habit of linking OS updates in an endless daisy-chain of obsolescence, I find myself cursing the sky and having to track down the missing link between my current OS and the new one. This happened a while back when I had missed the Snow Leopard update and had to find a copy on Amazon* This worked out, but I knew I had to still work my way up to two more updates, Lion and Mountain Lion. This weekend I wanted to get the job done, so I paid the twenty dollars and downloaded the most recent system for my Mac. The change is going to take some getting used to, I'm warming up to Cloud tech, but will likely have to have my brother-in-law over to explain how the new bells and whistles work. However, the bummer part of this new change, is that I can no longer use my version of Photoshop, which means that I have to purchase their monthly subscription system if I want to keep doing Victorian Cut-out Theatre. Shit.

The phone update has been going smoother, but I can't seem to activate the "bottom swipe" that will produce the "control center". I have managed to do this twice in the past seven hours, and not for a lack of trying. I wonder what I'm missing.

Before the OS update, I was working on the fourth animation for Victorian Cut-out Theatre. It's taken me a bit to get going, but I was able to start kicking this episode in the ass at a good enough speed to make the whole thing come together pretty quick. I've been engaged in a lot of internal and external discussions about Victorian Cut-out Theatre lately. Most of these discussions revolve around what to do after this second series is done. Do I continue? Do I move on to other things? Do I try to sell the series as a package? I've not considered these type of things before, because until Stephanie and Matt asked me if I could make more episodes for Cinevore, I hadn't considered the series much at all. At that time, I was embroiled in making the Animated Monologues. Now that I am creating something that will last for 22 Episodes (after series 2), I find myself turning the whole thing over in my brain. They probably have a life beyond YouTube, right? I mean, it's possible. Anyway, this new episode is about a haunted house…kind of.

The Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival begins next weekend, and I'm a little devastated that I won't be attending. This past summer took a bite out of my wallet, and tickets to the East coast are expensive. My wife an I talked it over several times, but no matter how we look at it, we won't be able to go this year.

When I was accepted to their festival in 2010, I was awestruck. It was my first film festival I had ever been to as a filmmaker. And when we got the news, Denise made me promise that we'd buy tickets and go. We did. Everyone I met was really nice and it became glaringly apparent that Stephanie and Matt were two people that valued the work of new filmmakers and not only that, they wanted to help them succeed beyond the festival. Little did I know that a year later they would call me and ask me to join their team. It's been glorious to work with them, I trust them without a doubt and have learned and continue to learn from them and their team. Well done guys!

All of this to say that if you're in the Philadelphia area this weekend you should check out ProjectTwenty1 and the PFAF. It's a labor of love, and you won't be disappointed.

Last week I appeared on the 2 year anniversary episode of WTF Are You Watching. We talked about the Evil Dead films and it was a blast. You should listen to it HERE.

I'm also still writing articles for NERD REACTOR. I seem to be covering subjects that not many of the folks over there cover, so I kind of have a niche…I guess. Last week, I did a fun little write up about James Bond book art, which you can see HERE as well as an article listing the best SciFi (SyFy) Channel advertisements, which you can see HERE.

If you like what I do, have thoughts on VCoT or my articles, or simply want to tell me how to access "control center" on my phone, please let me know in the video comments section or the NR comments section. You can also send me an email at robwalkerfilms@gmail.com.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Take care



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*Apple's website is one of the worst I've ever seen. Whomever put it together is a customer service genius creating a site that is so labyrinthine that customers will eventually give up.