Parents (A Monster Poem)

By Rob Walker

My mother and father are likely vampires,
Of this, I am reasonably sure.

They dress themselves in the darkest attires,
And the sunlight makes them demure

Their pallor's are fair,
Their eyes are both dark,
And they dance exceedingly well

They can glide across floors with the air of two cats,
It can put you under a spell

Their accents are thick,
Yet their countenance warm,
They will charm everyone whom they meet

Their penchant for cloaks,
And bubbly laughs,
Will whisk you right off of your feet

Yet their charming demeanor hides something meaner,
Under impeccable style

They come off downright cheery,
But isn't it eerie that their teeth seem quite sharp when they smile

They never drink wine,
They sleep everyday,
They prefer a candle lit venue

If they invite you to dinner,
You'd do best to decline
For you may be on the menu

But For all of their terror
I don't want to error
My fear is incredibly mild

I love them both madly,
My dear mum and dad,
For I am clearly their child