Pep Talks & Negative Rob

Let me start by saying, that if you ever get the chance to receive a pep talk from Stephanie Yuhas, I highly recommend it. I am one of those people that constantly thinks they’re in trouble, this feeling is magnified whenever things are going right. I still think about that time in Kindergarden, when Leo Muhme and I ran down the hall to get milk for our class, instead of walking like we were told to. When we returned, Ms. Kenard asked us if we had ran. I said nothing, preferring to let Leo handle it, and if memory serves, he gave a series of non committal sounds before being asked to sit down. I still feel the hot gaze of Ms. Kenard on me even after all these years. I am psychically branded. Because of this imbalance in my outlook, success and I make very strange bedfellows. It’s difficult to enjoy yourself when you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Stephanie has created a series of blogs all about this very phenomenon called “Cookie Monster is Mean to Me”, which makes her uniquely qualified to handle this part of my brain.

We had a long talk about VCoT and other opportunities, but mostly about me getting in the way of myself, which if I still received report cards would definitely be a note on them, along with “is weak in math”. After we hung up, I felt as though I was on the right track, although I do have to modify my course a bit and was told to not invite “Negative Rob” to the party anymore. He might be on permanent vacation…probably with my JEEP. It is also VERY worth noting that Stephanie is responsible for helping to clean up my IMDB credits so that that others can no longer receive credit for them. Check the link at the top.

You should read Stephanie’s hilarious blog, you should watch Nerd Vs. Geek, and when her book comes out (SHE’S WRITTEN A BOOK!) you should buy it and read it too. She’s super smart, super funny and when she sits atop a throne of skulls* after having just conquered the internet, I’ll not be surprised, but instead be happy that I am able to receive her advice.

*A metaphorical throne of skulls is how I interpret success and have done since I saw Ghostbusters II